Our Other Websites

Accordions USA

Website for Sale – $8,090 Directory of stores in the US.

All the Bible

Coming Soon – “All” Series of things in the Bible.

A Putt Above

Domain for Sale – $2,954 – Miniature Golf Directory?


Domain for Sale – $2,956 – Mt Ashwabay in Wisconsin?

Auction Stories

Domain for Sale – $1,959 – Video Stories of Auctions?

Basic Bible Doctrines

Coming Soon – Doctrines of the Bible.

Basic Youth Training

Coming Soon – Character Studies for Teens.

Bible and History

Coming Soon – History of the Bible.

Bible Budget

What does the Bible say about Finances?

Bible Campground

We are looking for land to start a Campground.

Bible Caps

Coming Soon – Custom made baseball hats.

Bible Illustration

Coming Soon – Illustrations for each chapter of the Bible

Bible Life Verse

Coming Soon – What is Your Life Verse from the Bible

Bible Sleuth

Coming Soon – Find the Answer using the Bible.

Bible Study Journal

Coming Soon – Bible Study Journals for daily devotions.

Bible Treasury

Coming Soon – Cross References of Different Subjects

Bible Wordles

Coming Soon – Wordle Puzzle for each chapter of the Bible

Bibles Store

Coming Soon – Places to buy KJV Bibles.

Books Flix

Domain for Sale – $1,906 – Videos Based on Books?

Busy Bee Toys

Coming Soon – “Be” Series Toys for Children

Chiropractor Reno

Domain for Sale – $2,378 – Dr. Reno or Practice in Reno, NV?

Christ in All the Scriptures

Coming Soon – Christ in every chapter of the Bible

Christian Gifts Store

Coming Soon – Buy Gifts for Other Christians.

Christian Life Work

Coming Soon – Blog dealing with the balance of Life and Work

Christian Nurse Care

Domain for Sale – $100 – Blog for Christian Nurses?

Christian Lists

Coming Soon – Interesting Lists found in the Bible.

Church Nurse

Coming Soon – Ministry of Congregational Nursing.

Church Visitation

Coming Soon – Ideas for Soul-Winning for Churches.

Counseling Degree Online

Coming Soon – Counseling Courses Online

Cowboys Dallas

Domain for Sale – $2,191 – Dallas Cowboys?


Coming Soon – Bible Crossword Puzzles.

Daily Heart Burn

Six Year Daily Bible Reading Program.


Domain for Sale – $2004 – Distance Education Accrediting?

Diligent Business

Coming Soon – How to be Diligent in your Business

Families Game

Coming Soon – Game or Game Site for Families.

Fighter Fire

Domain for Sale – $1,758 – Game or Website for Firefighters.

Film the Bible

Coming Soon – Films that are made about the Bible.

Foundation Bible

Coming Soon – Online Courses of Foundational Doctrines

Foundation Hymns

Coming Soon – Catalog of Hymns and their stories.

Free Word Puzzles

Coming Soon – Bible Word Puzzles.

Home Life Work

Coming Soon – Working from Home.

HSA Info

Coming Soon – Information about HSAs.

Illustrated Sermons

Coming Soon – Series of Sermons for One Year.

Income Coming

Domain for Sale – $1,507 – What to Do with Money Coming In?

Increase Business Center

Coming Soon – Multiple Christian Businesses in One Location.

Increase Learning

Coming Soon – Christian School Curriculum.

Independent Bible

Coming Soon – Independent Bible Study

IT Reset

Domain for Sale – $2,327 – How to Reset Your Computer?


Domain for Sale – $2,100 – Short 6 letter domain or Kinini Coffee?


Coming Soon – King James Bible Artificial Intelligence.

KJ Bible Study

Coming Soon – Online Study of the King James Bible.

KJV Bible Baptist

Coming Soon – Fellowship of KJB Churches.

KJV Blog

Coming Soon – Blog for those who hold to the KJV Bible.

KJV Bookstore

Coming Soon – Books that hold to the KJV Bible.

KJV Chat

Coming Soon – Chat Room for KJV Bible People.

KJV Commentary

Coming Soon – Bible Commentary

KJV Concordance

Coming Soon – Bible Concordance based on the KJV.

KJV Daily Bread

Coming Soon – Daily Bible Devotional.

KJV Dictionary

Coming Soon – Bible Dictionary of every word in the KJV.

KJV Directory

Coming Soon – Church and Christian School Directory.

KJV Gospel Tracts

Domains for Sale – $669 – KJV Gospel Tract and (Tracts).

KJV Host

Coming Soon – Web Hosting for KJV Churches and Schools.

KJV Library

Coming Soon – Online Library for Borrowing Books.

KJV News

Coming Soon – News Blog for Christians.

KJV Scripture

Work in Progress – Chain Reference Bible.

KJV Sunday School

Coming Soon – Sunday School Curriculum.

KJV Tract

Coming Soon – Gospel Tracts for Churches.


Coming Soon – Vacation Bible School Curriculum.


Coming Soon – List of Websites that hold to the KJV Bible.

Landmark Bible

Coming Soon – History of KJV Bible Baptist.

Leading Generations

Coming Soon – How to Train the Next Generation.


Coming Soon – Social Life Fellowship with other Believers.

Life Work Academy

We are an S Corporation based out of South Carolina.

Life Work Conference

Coming Soon – Trade Conference for Life Work Academy Inc.

Life Work Medical

Coming Soon – On hold until some laws change.

Lighthouse Clubs

Coming Soon – Online Club for children.

Limited Antiques

Coming Soon – Online Store for Antiques that are limited number.

Look Mirror

Domain for Sale – $2,144 – Sell Mirrors?

Nurses Book

Coming Soon – Book is available at NursingAcademy.com

Nursing Academy

Blog for Nurses and Study on Resilience and other subjects.

Papas Bible

Coming Soon – Stories Read by Grandpa to his Grandchildren.

Patriot Duty

Coming Soon – Political News Blog for Conservatives.

PDF Bible

Coming Soon – The KJV Bible in PDF Form.

Practical Bible

News Blog for now. Plan to convert to practical Bible Study.

Puzzle Bible

Coming Soon – Puzzles for each chapter of the Bible

Quid In

Domain for Sale – $2,215 – British Financial site?

Rehoboth House

Coming Soon – Help for the Fatherless and the Widows.


Domain for Sale – $2,051 – Website about Russia?

Sale Calls

Domain for Sale – $1,788 – Website for Salespeople?


Coming Soon – Media Outlet for Radio and Podcasts

Scripture Memory Challenge

Coming Soon – Bible Memory Contest.

Scripture Profits

Coming Soon – Online Bible Courses.


Coming Soon – Bible Encyclopedia.

Search KJV

Coming Soon – Search the King James Bible.

Tech Blab

Domain for Sale – $1,842 – Chat Room for everything Tech.

The Bible Outline

Coming Soon – Outline of the Whole Bible

The Empty Tomb

Coming Soon – Study on the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The One Dollar Challenge

Coming Soon – Support Life Work by Buying a Hot Chocolate.

The Online Station

Coming Soon – Online Radio Station.

The Story Bible

Coming Soon – Stories from the Bible.

Time for Popcorn

Coming Soon – Make some Popcorn and Watch a Movie.

Tune Camp

Coming Soon – Christian Music Camp.

Ultra Sip

Domain for Sale – $2,127 – Recipes for Non-Alcohol Drinks?

Verse Search

Coming Soon – Bible Word Search Puzzles.


Coming Soon – Children’s Church Program.

Working for Home

Coming Soon – How to Work Inside Your Home.

Worthy Vocation

Coming Soon – Ministry Board for Churches and Schools.

WP Gab

Coming Soon – Chat Room for Word Press Webmasters.